Aquatic Fitness

Be sure to consult your doctor for any medical advice before beginning any new exercise programs.

You can achieve all your weight loss and fitness goals from the comfort of your backyard! Implementing your exercise routine underwater not only helps your joints and muscle pain go away it also helps build muscles.

Owning a swim spa brings you the ultimate necessary health benefits. Many people believe swim spas are only for relaxing and having a good time, but we will show you the many aquatic fitness possibilities you get by owning a swim spa.

Upper body:

Improve your posture, gain strong muscles, and feel good.

Accessories that can help you:

Row Bar Kit with Resistance Gear
Resistance Bands
Underwater Mirror

Lower body:

Boost your metabolism, improve your bone health and overall fitness.

Accessories that can help you:

Aqua Bike
Underwater Treadmill


Improve your balance, stability, and prevent lower back pain.

Accessories that can help you:

Swim Tether

Besides aquatic exercise equipment, we also offer a wide selection of accessories that can help you monitor your workout & motivate you to do more! For example, our Endless Pools Fit@Home Wifi and Mobile App help you set up workout programs specific to your goals from your smartphone or tablet.

Are you interested in measuring your aquatic performance? The Pace Display is the best accessory that allows you to view your current pace and speed.

The CoolZone lets you workout during hot or cold days by efficiently cooling or heating the water. Plus, to get your workout started, you can purchase the Bluetooth – Enabled Sound System and hear your favorite music.

Please refer to our Endless Pool Aquatic Fitness Exercises to check our low-impact exercise routines.

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