Benefits of Night Swimming

Benefits of Night Swimming

5 Benefits of Night Swimming

We all know that swimming is a great form of exercise and it’s easy on your body. The great part of owning a Swim Spa is that you can swim in the day and the night. The heated feature allows you to enjoy the benefits of night swimming without freezing your butt off! Below are 5 great benefits of night swimming.

1. Less Sun Exposure

It may not feel like it, but regularly swimming under the sun can cause your UV exposure to reach unhealthy levels, putting you at risk for skin disease. Although jumping in a refreshing pool during a hot day feels like an escape from the heat, water is not an adequate defense against the sun’s harmful rays, and water resistant sunscreen can be a pain to remove. This is why we love night swimming as it allows you the luxury of swimming without sunscreen, while avoiding harmful rays.

2. Clearing Your Mind

Everyone knows how hard it is to clear your mind when work is all you can think about. With swimming being a great method to clear your mind and release stress, we recommend swimming at night after all your work is done, to experience the full stress relief, and meditative effect that swimming can offer. Not to mention the tranquil feeling of being under a starry sky.

3. Improve Your Sleep

Many of us feel tired due to mental fatigue, but still experience trouble falling asleep at night. What’s often overlooked is the importance that physical exercise has on our sleep. If you run into issues while trying to fall asleep, it may be because your body still has pent up energy built up from a sedentary day. Swimming at night burns off your left-over energy and releases feel-good endorphins that reduce stress, and provide a calming effect that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

4. Burn Off Carbs Before Sleep

Carbs have their place as a great source for powerful, short term energy that can fuel us throughout the day, but most of us have heard to avoid them near bed time. This is because sleeping with left-over carbs in your system doesn’t allow them to be burned off, and they are mostly converted to fats and sugars in your body. This often leads to weight gain and negative health effects. The good news is that carbs are the first source of energy to be burned during exercise, and swimming at night allows you to effectively burn off excess carbs before heading to sleep.

5. No Time Constraint

For many, swimming is an escape that gives the feeling of freedom. We have found that swimming without a time constraint helps us focus our minds on finding a rhythm, and ultimately makes the experience feel much more rewarding. Swimming in the mornings may help you wake up, but setting aside a time to swim during a busy morning can hinder the enjoyment of feeling free to push yourself for as far as you want, or simply the freedom to relax for as long as you want. We find that swimming in the evening with no set schedule is the best way to feel the full spectrum of physical and mental benefits that swimming has to offer.