Why You Should Buy a Water Treadmill

For low-impact cardio exercise, this could be just the thing!

An ‘underwater treadmill’ sounds like something from the future, seemingly with about as much chance to be in every home as a robot housekeeper. Fortunately, water treadmills are real, and they’re even more beneficial to fitness than those on land!

Endless Pools strives to have the most innovative technology in aquatic fitness, and that’s what we’ve done with our water treadmill. Aquatic exercise has never been easier than with this product. If you already use a treadmill regularly – or if you find traditional treadmills boring – switching to include aquatic exercise in your routine could be transformative.

And if you don’t often have time to exercise, water treadmills mean that your body will be supported and less winded while working out, even though you’re facing greater resistance!

The facts speak for themselves. It might be time to replace one of the most popular machines for at-home exercise with its underwater equivalent.


Water helps to improve exercise conditions, making your workout experience easier in some ways and more challenging in others. The buoyancy of the water will make you feel lightweight, while the resistance of the water surrounds you on all sides to give you more of a challenge.

You’ll improve upon your flexibility, stamina, and strength by working out underwater. Aquatic exercises also give you the opportunity to work out your whole body and control the temperature of your environment.

Water lessens the strain on your muscles and joints, and in the event that you injure yourself, warm water can facilitate rehabilitation and a speedier recovery.

You don’t even have to swim to exercise underwater! Many exercises that you do on land can be even more effective in an underwater environment, so lots of people have found that they enjoy jogging in water, among other things.

This is where the water treadmill comes in. It’s the same cardio workout as using a treadmill on land, only better.


The Underwater Treadmill is one of several accessories that you can purchase with most Endless Pools models. Often paired with our signature current, the adjustable speed — from .5 to 5.5 MPH — allows for everyone to work out at their own comfort level.

With the current, you can also adjust its resistance level for greater core engagement. Or further your pool personalization with hydromassage jets to use during cool-down.

Our Underwater Treadmills is spacious: 50 inches long, 31.75 inches wide, and 4.6 inches tall, with a belt width of 20 inches. They each require a 220v 30amp GCFI to run, using the same outlet as for a clothes dryer.

You can purchase this product with any of the Endless Pools Original Series models, any of the Fitness Systems swim spas (E Series), or the WaterWell® pool. Our Hydrostride™ underwater treadmill adapts the same technology for new backyard pools.


Our Underwater Treadmills were created so that you could reach your full performance potential, and that is exactly what Endless Pool clients everywhere have used this product for.

There’s a reason that the Underwater Treadmill is in such high demand—it has so many applicable uses.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, suffering from a chronic illness, cross-training, marathon training, triathlon training, or you just want to exercise a bit more, a water treadmill can help.

You can walk, jog, or flat-out run on a water treadmill— it all depends on you, and what kind of workout you want. This versatility is why they can be found in gyms, triathlon studios, and physical therapy facilities.

An underwater treadmill can give you the edge you need in an upcoming competition, or help you lose a few extra pounds. They’re often recommended by physical therapists for rehab and recovery since warm water is conducive to healing and stress relief.

The best thing about our underwater treadmills, however, is how durable they are. Buying one, just as with any piece of workout equipment, is an investment into a healthier lifestyle, and something you can use every day for years to come.

You won’t just be paying for a water treadmill. You’re investing in all the results you’ll get out of it, and for the ultimate underwater exercise experience.

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